Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Memoriam

Memories flow in bits and pieces. It was late in the evening. You had backed the boat and trailer into the garage so you could pack the wheel bearings. You were weak from the disease and the struggle to find a doctor and hospital that could help you. We were in litigation with Prudential at the time. The Hodgkin's Disease was as unwilling to yield to remission as the insurance company was unwilling to approve a bone marrow transplant that would hopefully extend your life. You were exhausted.

But still you tried to take care of the things you knew I wouldn't be able to do. So I watched as you sat on the stool and packed the bearings with grease. A feeling of sadness hovered over us in the night air. The glow from the garage light spilled onto the drive. I walked over and sat behind you on the stool, resting my cheek against your back, listening to your heartbeat. I wrapped my arm around your waist and felt your hand close over mine.

William (Bill) Craig Modesitt
November 3, 1952 - June 30, 1989